Igen i år har vi fornøjelsen af at have 6 udvekslingselever på Svendborg Gymnasium. Denne gang kommer de fra Tyrkiet, Thailand, Australien, Colombia, Schweitz og Brasilien.
Læs her hvordan det er at være udvekslingselev i Danmark:

The exchange program is like a gift, and I see this being here just for 5 weeks. Going to another country to learn the language is something special. And I’m glad that my school in Denmark is helping me to be better and better in Danish. It’s a difficult language but with the special classes for exchange students, everything is easier. Denmark is a incredible country, people talk very good in English, and everybody try to talk and help me all the time. I’m always learning new words in Danish during the day, because everyone really likes to make me feel at home. I’m appreciating a lot this opportunity, and I’m really happy with my routine here, and with the people that I met. 
Maria Gaya


Being an exchange student in Denmark is quite exciting for me. Danish culture is beautiful everyone here is nice and friendly. All the impressions I have received increases my curiosity to explore this country. I look forward to being friends with all of you.
Hymn Sansern Chankasemporn


I’ve had an unbelievable year so far, full of ups and downs. It has taken a lot of adjusting to living here - Denmark has such a different, elaborate culture, not to mention it has a lot of snow! – however this has been a trip of a lifetime. I have seen so many new sights, created so many memories and made forever friends all over the world. For that I am so grateful… being an exchange student is such an impossible experience to describe. I have traveled a lot of Europe and been on a Viking Camp. I've fallen in a lake and made so many new connections in a country halfway across the world. I am very grateful to the Rotary Organization for making all of this possible.
Imogen Clare Morris

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